5 FACTS ABOUT SMALL DOG BREEDS Love, care Training Super Intelligent Small dogs are treated like the stuffed toys most of the time Because of their tricky intellect, small dogs are great at plotting. They know how to get what they want. They are very good at making schemes. They are genius and adorable. because they resemble the same. They are tiny, cute, endearing and plump. But do not forget that they are living and breathing creatures with measurable intelligence. Well-balanced Diet Prone to Separation Anxiety Small dog breeds do well on a diet of high-quality dog food. The response is more to the food that has the formula Most small dogs have symptom of anxiety that increases even before someone leaves. It is a state of according to age and breed. They rapidly gain weight with proper nutrition. intense panic due to separation from the owner. Dogs are very good at picking up the routine. Health Concerns of small breeds Smaller dogs often have more fragile neck structures in comparison to their larger counterparts. That can make them especially susceptible to tracheal injury. Thus, their use chest harnesses instead of collars. All dogs will bear illnesses that are the result of their genetic architecture or their age. For more deatils, visit our site! Learn more at